In software development is known as agile methodologies a diverse set of practices aimed at managing the development of a project. Contrast with traditional methods They were developed from the discovery of the alleged failure from then known, as opposed to, traditional methods. “Alleged” because for now although several concepts have been incorporated, agile project management finds in many contexts difficulties and some resistance to its implementation despite the known benefits they represent. Reality’s recognition The main feature of these methodologies recognition of reality. A changing reality, full of obstacles and limitations. A reality where the teams have a capacity that you need to know and to improve to achieve the best of them but can not be forced to fit a preconceived idea that may not be reviewed until very obvious deviation. “Traditionally” projects are planned to start drawing a series of tasks to be completed. From that moment the team responsible to execute them fights every day to meet various milestones until the date marked on the Gantt chart, the device that is used more often now for project management of all kinds. The idea of a project understood as a number of stages that are completed sequentially is what created the term “waterfall execution”. A name that not in vain remembers the aspect that presents a Gantt chart that includes some criticism of poor capacity to adapt to change this model. Example of agile practices. The iterative incremental development. Instead “agilism” propose a cyclical management, a continuous and short term multitask, iteratively and incrementally. Accepting change as part of the project and managing it, which some times are not sufficiently encouraged, promoted or supported by conventional processes. For example, it is common workload accumulate in the end of one phase of the project causing peaks of work, stress and precipitation. With closer monitoring and disconnected from any client’s end date, you will reduce peaks achieved by improving the rate development. The team’s cruising speed. This is achieved with a few weeks’s workflows, where you plan what will be implemented based on an estimate of what it will cost and a priority that depends on several factors. Some agile methodologies. Scrum, Xtreme programming. Concepts. Gantt, Burndown chart. Websites about agilism.

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