We live in an increasingly digital era. This implies that the use of computing has greatly extended to all areas of society and this has an obvious side effect, the accumulation of data. Customer databases, sales statistics, visits to the website, social networks, etc. This is what is known as Big Data. Then we wonder how you can take advantage of those data and others data to which we have public access. Well, there are lots of open source tools that will make us life easier in this task that has been called corporate intelligence.

The R language

First we have the R programming language . A language that is dedicated to supply the statistical analysis used vastly around the world, even for large corporations such as Twitter by its powerful capacity for analysis and graphical representation. At first it can be a little daunting due to the steep learning curve and the use of the command console. But there are graphic interfaces like rStudio that can make it easier to use.

The development environment Shiny

Shiny is an open source environment for developing web applications with R. It allows the user to interact with the data and visualize your query immediately. On Shiny’s gallery you have a few examples of what you can do: http://shiny.rstudio.com/gallery/. This tool is especially useful for public institutions who want to join the best open data practices.

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