ERP is the short for Enterprise Resource Planning. Anyone who has put his hands on an ERP know that is not exactly a simple tool, not to configure nor to use. Within the universe of open source there is a project that takes a long time still the benchmark, Odoo (formerly known as OpenERP). While it’s has been improved in terms of usability and ease of configuration, is still far from being implemented for an average user. A few days ago, an article in Open Source journal  caught my attention by its headline: “An open source ERP to be self-administered.” Is this possible? Has someone  already reached the level of ease of use and configuration? And on an open source product? Encouraged by the headline I kept on reading the words of its creator and I was even more convinced:
“Our aim is to make the WordPress of ERPs.” Rushabh Mehta
Well. I’m intoducing you ERPnext. An open source ERP based on Python and MariaDB, and developed in parallel with its own development environment called Frappe. This is what I had long looking. A tool as easy to install and use than “any” could do it. Note the quotes because although there are several ways to install the tool, some as simple as a script that automates all actions, it is still necessary to have some knowledge of the terminal commands and have a server with access to the shell. Therefore, although it is not possible to install a to any shared server. One of the highlights is its up to date design, with current trends in flat design and its ease of use with a desktop where we have all the applications and intuitive menus. Also is well documented and is completely free because their authors, in addition to release the code, have decided to base their business model on the hosting of this tool. We could say that they go in the right direction, but haven’t reached the destination yet. We’ll look forward to this software.

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